Saturday, May 10, 2014

New Release v1.7

Whats New in v1.7

+ iOS 7 Support
+ Directories support
+ Improved Split Keyboard support
+ Improved External (Bluetooth) Keyboard support
+ Fixed Insert Graphic Command issue
+ Fixed EDIT file issue
+ Fixed Keyboard Accessory buttons issue
+ Minor changes and fixes

New Directory commands:
DIR - List files and directories (bracketed) in current working directory
DIR "filter" - List files and directories having the filter
PWD - Print current working directory
MKDIR "path" - Make new directory. Directory can be absolute or relative
CHDIR "path" - Change current working directory. Directory can be absolute or relative
RMDIR "path" - Remove/Delete directory. Directory can be absolute or relative.

- You also can use file path in COPY file command.
- While you can make nested directories, it is recommended to make one level to keep things simple.
- FILES command will list files in current working directory only
- Root directory of BASIC programs is "/" (Documents Directory of the App)

You are welcome to give your feedback or maybe just want to say thanks :) . just drop a line in the comments below.

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Have Fun!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Learn HTML scripting

 If you want to learn HTML scripting (creating webpages) on the go for free, this is the right App for you:

HTML5 Builder

- File System: multi file and folder (iTunes file sharing is enabled)
- Powerful file editor
- HTML5 Tutorials and Reference (online).

For more free Educational Apps see Hawwash-Soft on App Store.

Have Fun!